Create Your Video In 3 Simple Steps…

1 VIEW & SELECT A VIDEO TEMPLATE: Click on “Pricing” and signup. Click on “Browse Templates” to view and select from tons of professional quality HD video templates.

2 EDIT THE VIDEO TEMPLATE ONLINE: Customize the video template online using our web based video editor. Change, add or upload your own images, music, videos, text, etc.

3 PUBLISH AND SHARE YOUR VIDEO: Easily share and embed your videos online or Publish and download them as professional HD videos to your computer.


 Our Video Creation and Marketing Platform


  • Online and Web Based is the first ever fully web based platform that allows anyone to create their own professional videos using ready-made sales and marketing video templates that can be edited online with a web based video editor. You can re-brand and customize the video templates online to suit your needs.

    All the templates were professionally created with editable background music, images, visual effects and pre-written marketing scripts copy so you can get a beautiful finished videos online immediately. We all know that videos are a fantastic way to promote your service or website. Unfortunately they can be quite expensive or super time consuming if you decide to make them yourself or hire someone.

    What you need is an easy and affordable way to create limitless business videos. Enter VideoJac, your one-stop shop for creating top-notch marketing videos for yourself, or to resell. You don’t need to be a videographer at all, thanks to the easy-to-use interface, numerous templates, and simple Online Video Editor.

  • Super Duper Customizable

    The marketing video templates were created in such a way that you can customize them to fit your every need. Easily upload new music, cut out scenes, add new ones, change text, and more. You can create your own templates from scratch or extensively edit the existing ones by uploading and replacing music, images, text, videos, etc to make a distinctively unique video for any particular business need, client or niche.

    Our videos are a powerful marketing tool. These days, consumers have less than zero attention span. That means you have to grab them instantly or they’re gone to the next site. A long, boring text piece won’t do you any good, but an entertaining, catchy video is sure to grab hold. With a quality-looking video on your site or out on the Web, you’ll instantly be thought of as an expert in your niche with consumers looking to you for advice and suggestions. Remember, our videos are not the typical boring videos that you see around . So they are sure to make an impact.

  • Incredibly Simple to Use

    No matter what your experience level (from “none” to “advanced”), you can make the most of VideoJac’s marketing templates. Make slight changes to the text or change up the images, music and more with simple drag-and-drop tools in the Online Video Editor. Your videos can then be published, Shared and downloaded as high quality .mp4 HD video files. is the first complete online platform that offers a web based video editor that includes editable ready-to-go commercial templates. You can edit, re-brand and customize the video templates online to suit your needs. Check out the templates and online video editor to see how awesome it really is for video marketing.

  • Unbranded Videos

    There are no logos or branding anywhere, so you can easily make them your own, courtesy of your own branding. You can also easily offer Videojac directly to your clients under your own brand and website.

    No logo or branding in the video. Rebrand the videos to suit your business or clients, with absolutely no mention of the Videojac service. Brand it as you wish, promote your business not ours.



Check Out Some Amazing Features…

1 WORKS IN ANY BROWSER Supports most browsers like IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox. So Yeah ! You can work on a PC or Mac.

2 SIMPLE TO USE A very friendly, easy to use and understand interface. So even your 8 year old kid can use it easily. Promise.

3 SUPER FAST Create professional-quality videos in minutes. Yeah! Time is money and we wouldn’t wanna waste yours. Right?

4 CLONE TEMPLATES No starting from scratch ever again, clone your templates. This feature is super awesome for professionals.

5 CREATE VIDEO FROM TEMPLATES No video experience needed. Use our video templates and be done in no time at all.

6 DYNAMIC VIDEO SHARE Edit your videos in our editor and the changes update everywhere the video is embedded.

7 CUSTOM TEMPLATES Create unique templates or leverage built-in templates. If you want to create your own cool templates.

8 EFFECTS AND TRANSITIONS Looking for that cool touch to your video? Choose from multiple effects and transitions in the editor.

9 SUPPORTS MULTIPLE USERS So you can control and have your assistants and staff login with their own personal access details.

10 WHITE-LABEL VIDEOS Our logos are not in the videos that you download. It’s about time you promoted your brand not ours.

11 VIDEO MONETIZATION Want to make extra revenue? No problem. Grow your revenue by selling your own videos & templates.

12 SUPPORTS MOST MEDIA WorkS with most media video, audio, and photos formats. Such as .MP4 .MP3 .PNG .JPG .WMV

13 FULLY WEB BASED Now you can edit videos anywhere, anytime with nothing to install. Take the whole system with you wherever.

14 VIDEO EDITING TOOLS All the familiar tools you need and more. Trim videos, move stuff around, add subtitles, & much more.

15 MEDIA LIBRARY INCLUDED Choose media from our editors extensive music, image & video library. Save money and time.

16 EXTENSIVE TUTORIALS We will not leave you in the dark. Get started quickly with video tutorials, how-to materials and training.

17 READY TO GO The video templates are all nicely pre-edited and pre-produced. Everything is already done, Take all the credit.

18 SUPER AFFORDABLE Forget about buying separate licences for stock video and music. No additional unnecessary expenses.

19 DOWNLOAD VIDEOS IN FULL HD We want your videos to look brilliant. Download all your published videos in full 1280×720 High definition .MP4 format.

20 MUSIC VIDEO & IMAGE LIBRARY Included in the editor is an awesome library of music, images and video footage that you can use to create or customize your videos.

21 COMMERCIAL & RESELL LICENSE Most video services do not allow you to resell your produced videos commercially, but we do. Customize and sell to clients offline or online..


Benefits of Using Our Videos Templates

1 CREATE HIGH QUALITY HD VIDEOS You can publish your first professional-looking video in minutes. Our Online Video Editor requires no learning curve. Customize our video templates with text, images, and music all using simple drag & drop tools.

2 GRAB VISITORS ATTENTION Visitors don’t have time to go through paragraphs of text, as they may be busy or simply just too lazy to read, they would rather listen and watch a short and very entertaining video to get the message they want quickly.

3 BE A LEADER When you create a professional video you are automatically seen as an expert in your field. This gives extra credibility to your business as you become the ‘go to guy’ with all the answers to your customers problems and needs.

4 CONVEY YOUR MESSAGE Today, the average person on the web has the attention span of a goldfish. Write more than a paragraph and it looks like ‘work’ to read. Video on the other hand is easy to watch and is seen as entertainment, not effort

5 SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY Our quality HD videos can really rank extraordinarily well in search engines due to the descriptive tags you can associate with them and the partnerships between video sites and search engines, such as YouTube and Google

6 EARN REAL REVENUE – Sell access to your templates to fellow marketers, clients or members. No need to render, publish, download, upload or even re-edit video for each buyer. Simply use your provided template share links to promote your template.



Some Cool Ways You Can Use Our Video Templates

1 MAKE MONEY Use them to start your own video marketing business creating custom marketing and sales videos and sell them to your clients for whatever price you like and keep all the money.

2 MARKET YOUR BUSINESS Use them to create videos for use in your own promotions and business. Save time and hundreds, even thousands on video production and editing costs.

3 VIDEO MARKETING Use them to create awesome marketing and sales videos and sell on video submission sites and online marketplaces. You can even sell your videos on your site too.

4 MAKE NICHE VIDEOS Use them to instantly create niche business videos and market to a particular business industry, use the video template clone feature to duplicate & repeat for multiple niches.

5 PERSONAL VIDEOS Use them to quickly create stunning personal videos for friends and loved ones on special occasions and events. Add their pictures and information for a personal touch.

6 VIDEO MEMBERSHIP SITES Use them to instantly start making money by starting your own video site charging customers one-time or recurring paid access to your own unique templates.



Sometimes you may need a special template to meet the needs of your project or clients. We can create a new template to meet your needs within your budget. The template will be non-exclusive and editable online just like any of our other templates. Just contact us and tell us what you need, then and let our professional video producers go to work for you.